Kirsty Maxwell Charity

In February 2020 the family of killed abroad victim Kirsty Maxwell set up a charity in Kirsty’s name to help provide holistic support to families unfortunate to find themselves in the same terrible situation of losing a loved one killed abroad.

The David Swindle Crime Solutions and Multilingual Crime Team continue to help support victims families referred by the Charity.

Have a look at the website and encourage others to donate to this worthwhile cause Kirsty Maxwell Charity

BBC Scotland ‘Killed Abroad’

Dedicated email addresses to help with Craig and Kirsty’s appeals

The families of Craig Mallon and Kirsty Maxwell are conscious of the fact (and live in hope) that the people who watched this documentary in August 2018 and continues to be broadcast on “pay per view” channels will have information that they want to share.

Both families continue to update and make appeals on various social media platforms and encourage anyone with any information to make contact via the confidential email addresses

Please get in contact and one of our team will get back to you.

We would ask that you share this information as widely as possible to reach people who may be able to help to find the answers to Craig Mallon’s murder and Kirsty Maxwell’s suspicious death.

More about the documentary

Craig Mallon’s young life ended tragically when he was killed in a single punch attack whilst on holiday in Lloret de Mar, Spain on 19th May 2012.

Kirsty Maxwell’s young life ended tragically when she died in suspicious, unexplained circumstances whilst on holiday in Benidorm, Spain on 29th April 2017.

BBC Scotland’s one-hour documentary, ‘Killed Abroad’, examined Craig Mallon’s and Kirsty Maxwell’s cases. It discussed wider issues about families losing loved ones abroad in terrible circumstances, who are then abandoned by their governments, leaving them to do their own investigations in countries abroad.

Whilst sad and powerful, we hope the program being shown on various channels will result in:

  • the public coming forward with information regarding Craig’s and Kirsty’s cases
  • the Spanish authorities providing much needed answers for Craig’s and Kirsty’s families
  • change regarding the support provided to UK families losing loved ones abroad to homicide or in suspicious or unexplained circumstances

Social media appeals and support from the public have played a major role in identifying potential evidence and pushing the authorities in Spain to progress lines of enquiry regarding Craig’s and Kirsty’s cases.

The questions as to what happened to Craig and Kirsty remain unanswered. We hope that this documentary will help to obtain those answers.

Craig’s and Kirsty’s families thank everyone for their amazing continued support.

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