Tap into the expertise of former Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Detective Superintendent David Swindle and his multilingual Crime Solutions team of international experts for advice, support and realistic confidential solutions to your crime-related and investigative challenges in the UK and abroad.

With over 34 years police experience in leading complex and high profile investigations, former SIO and Head of Public Protection David Swindle set up the ground-breaking Operation Anagram to examine the activities of serial killer Peter Tobin.

This much- publicised enquiry involving all UK police forces set new standards and innovative processes for tracking and tracing victims of serial killers, cold case reviews, analysis of historical investigations and retrospectively examining the lives of criminals.

With widely recognised SIO expertise in crime investigation, murder investigation, major crime investigation, cold case reviews, case preparation, independent case reviews and media commentary, David Swindle offers invaluable, direct experience of crime investigation at the highest level and provision of multilingual advice for some of the most difficult, complicated and sensitive cases.

The David Swindle Crime Solutions multilingual team can also provide assistance and guidance to families who very sadly lose a loved one in a foreign country due to homicide or suspicious death and are faced with confusing updates and legal processes in different languages.

On 26th August 2021, David established Victims Abroad https://victimsabroad.com/ to help support victims in other countries with communication problems.

David Swindle Crime Solutions offers:

  • international investigative capability and expert crime advice
  • proactive support and advice for families of killed abroad victims
  • former Her Majesty’s Coroner expert advice
  • independent forensic expert advice
  • historical case analysis and genealogical research expertise
  • multilingual open source research and investigations
  • media and social networking appeal campaigns advice
  • experts fluent in English, German, French, Romanian, Spanish, Catalan
  • knowledge of local cultures and processes in other countries
  • Spanish mediation and business processes expert advice

Established in June 2011, this is an unparalleled resource which can provide the highest quality reputable confidential strategic, investigatory, review and victim-focused service, no matter how large or small or complex or challenging your issue.

The team’s dedicated, tenacious and no-stone-left-unturned approach is epitomised by David Swindle Crime Solutions strapline:

The Search for the Truth

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Craig Mallon updates Swindle’s Search for The Truth

David Swindle and Gillian Jack are joined by Debbie Smirthwaite of Victims Abroad to discuss updates in the ongoing case of Craig Mallon, a Scot who was killed in Lloret de Mar, Spain, on 19 May 2012. This episode features Ian Mallon, Craig's dad. If you were in Lloret de Mar that night, please get in touch via info@craigmallon.comCheck out social media for more info: David Swindle Twitter David Swindle TikTok David Swindle YouTube Gillian Jack Twitter Victims abroad Twitter Kirsty Maxwell campaign Twitter Craig Mallon campaign Twitter Other important links Victims Abroad website What happened to Kirsty Maxwell website Craig Mallon website Kirsty Maxwell charity website For enquiries related to the podcast, research or business opportunities, please contact david@davidswindle.com.
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